Now is a Great Time:
Writing a letter to loved ones that stands the test of time

This two hour interactive workshop will reward you with a 1-2 page ethical will, created during the class. It’s a small-group experience¬† designed for those who want the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with creating an ethical will, but have not yet made the time to do it. We’ll start off with a brief but thorough overview of ethical wills, followed by some warm-up exercises that lead in forty-five minutes of private writing time. By the end, you will have fulfilled your promise to yourself to create something beautiful, helpful and enduring for those you love. Limited to 6 people. $50

Highly recommended: advance purchase of The Wealth of Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will.

Deadline for registering: 48 hours in advance.


Price: $50.00