Article in Advisor Perspectives: Women Want to Leave a Legacy

Posted by Susan Turnbull June 24, 2011 in Blog

I co-authored (with Kristan Wojnar, Guggenheim Funds) an article that appeared in Advisor Perspectives this week: Women Want to Leave a Legacy. There are many immediately useful ideas to use with your female clients – to focus on what matters most to them and move your conversations into deeper territory.

Ask a woman to define her “wealth,” and chances are she will mention not only her tangible assets, but also the intangible assets that give her life meaning, purpose and joy: her relationships, her commitments, her core values, her history. Ask her how she hopes she is going to be remembered and what she wants her legacy to be, the answer will nearly always focus on those intangibles and on the hope that her money will have a positive impact on future generations.

Introducing female clients to the idea of a personal legacy document will strike many as a beautiful, sensible, logical idea that gets at the heart of their wish to create a positive legacy – in both its tangible and intangible dimensions. Financial and legal advisors are in a great position to be the ones to introduce the idea: 1) because the ensuing conversation will invariably be interesting and insightful 2) may well uncover important information and previously unexpressed wishes and 3) be appreciated by the client who will feel better understood.

The article outlines four natural segues for advisors to consider as a way to introduce the concept of a personal legacy document to their female (or male!) clients.

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