Newsletter/Blog: December 16, 2016

Posted by Susan Turnbull December 16, 2016 in Blog

I recently learned of the Japanese word, yutori, which refers to space: the space to arrive early for an appointment, the space for an extra moment of conversation, the space for keeping your eyes open to really notice what’s around you.

When you have stopped rushing around enough to do it, have you ever regretted the gifts yutori brings? I am the first to admit that I often fall mighty short of living out the wisdom of this lovely idea, but what better time than now to remember that time is surely one of the greatest gifts we have to give to others, and to ourselves.

At a presentation I gave recently, a man shared a story with the group about his grandmother. She gave him what she could, he said, which was her time. It was the most precious thing he could have received. Yes. It is that simple. What do you want to make sure you’ve made time for this season? Who do want to receive the gifts of your time and your attention?

In the spirit of yutori, happy holidays to all!


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