“Open Mic” interview prompts reflections on good conversation

Posted by Susan Turnbull October 26, 2011 in Blog

It was a privilege to be interviewed today by Appreciative Inquiry expert and coach Ed Jacobson. You can listen to the audio here. A good interview can bring new insights to the person being interviewed, and that’s happened today when Ed quoted – or paraphrased – poet Ed Whyte  who said, “You know you have found your calling when you have discovered the kinds of conversations you want to be in. ”

I loved this quote. As I said at the close of the interview today, it speaks directly to why I do what I do – the work provides an official excuse to have extraordinary conversations. This is not true only for me, but for anyone who introduces the notion of an ethical will  to a client or a parent or a friend. The idea itself, once understood, can be a lever for very meaningful conversation – even if the other person does not commit to creating anything.

In fact, that is just what happened earlier this week, as reported by a financial advisor who used The Wealth of Your Life and the LifeLegacy Cards as props to prompt discussion with a couple who are her clients. She wrote,  ” They really enjoyed the discussion and it brought back lots of memories.  It helped me to understand how “stuck” they are right now [because of some of their commitments.] I asked if they would do the ethical will and they said, honestly, no.  At least they were honest.   But they remarked how much they enjoyed the discussion [and] having your materials made the visit that much richer.”

What a powerful reminder that good conversation brings its own rewards.

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