Newsletter/blog March 16, 2017: Thank you, Dad

Posted by Susan Turnbull March 16, 2017 in Blog


It was my father that I was thinking about Tuesday, out in the snow and the wind behind the snow blower. This is a winter task my husband genuinely enjoys, but he was traveling, so it was up to me to clear the driveway and the paths.

The machine started right up, just as Dad said it would. It had been his after all, given to us when he had to move out of his home of 60 years. “Best one I ever had.” So just as he had done over decades of winters, I followed behind arching snow until the job was done.

My dear and remarkable father passed away last month at the age of 96. If you have time, read about him to understand why I was so proud to be his daughter.

Just a few days after he died, the USA Today article appeared – see sidebar – and I know how much he would have shared in my pleasure. I can hear him say,  ”It’s just wonderful, Suz.”  But so much of the credit goes to you, Dad, for all you gave me, showed me, and inspired in me.  Thank you. Rest in peace.


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