Susan Turnbull guest on NCFP webinar: capturing values and intent

Posted by Susan Turnbull July 6, 2011 in Blog

I will be a guest speaker on a webinar July 14 (noon, EST) hosted by the National Center for Family Philanthropy, speaking on the topic of documenting donor intent: Seeding Your Family’s Philanthropy: Ethical Wills and Donor Legacy Statements. Also speaking will be Jane Leighty Justice of the Leighty Foundation and Lissa Widoff of the Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation, talking about their experiences capturing the stories of the founders of their respective foundations.

It was the stories that Jane and Lissa told that made our conversation to plan this program so interesting and will make the webinar fly by for the members of NCFP who attend the class. Their stories of the lives of the respective founders, what motivated them to act as they did, and finally, the challenges and rewards of getting that information down, proved the value of the effort involved. They have been successful at moving from saying, “Someday we will do this,” to actually getting it done. Bravo to them!

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