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Latest newsletter: One sentence can say it all

April 25, 2018

  Read about why I appreciate this quote: The new, the modern, without the old,  is like a child without a family,  without a tradition,  or a man without a memory.  

Message to advisors: You’re the one who knows

March 14, 2018

Be the one to remind your clients that their legacy is more than money. It’s also the wealth of what they carry in their heads and hearts and memories. It will all be lost unless they take steps so share it. You know this.

I appreciate being a guest of the Purposeful Planning Institute

November 3, 2017

It is honor for Lani Peterson and me to be interviewed by John A. Warnick, forward thinker and founder of PPI. We’ll be talking about the principles behind the Legacy Conversations Cards and their practical application in client conversations.

What a cricket can tell you

September 15, 2017

This time of year always gets me sentimental, as I share in this newsletter.

Webinar for financial advisors: The Value of Introducing Clients to the Ethical Will

May 22, 2017

It was a privilege to be the guest leader of a webinar sponsored by digital storage provider, Everplans for the financial professionals they serve.  The topic was ethical wills: namely, the benefits to advisors in adding the ethical will to their standard checklist of things their clients should be familiar with.  This free 60 minute program [...]

PLA in the Press:The Capital Group Quarterly

April 30, 2017

Susan featured in piece on ethical wills in the quarterly published by The Capital Group this month. An excerpt: Though there are no formal rules on how to write an ethical will, make sure yours is upbeat and loving, Turnbull says. Resist the urge to be manipulative or judgmental. And avoid the temptation to procrastinate. “Don’t [...]

Newsletter/blog March 16, 2017: Thank you, Dad

March 16, 2017

  It was my father that I was thinking about Tuesday, out in the snow and the wind behind the snow blower. This is a winter task my husband genuinely enjoys, but he was traveling, so it was up to me to clear the driveway and the paths. The machine started right up, just as [...]

Susan Turnbull featured in USA Today spread on ethical wills

February 28, 2017

  It was an honor to be the resource for today’s half page Q and A on ethical wills in the Personal Finance Section of USA Today on February 28th. The article serves as a great summary of the concept. Feel free to pull it off the site and share it.  Read the article here.

Newsletter/Blog: December 16, 2016

December 16, 2016

I recently learned of the Japanese word, yutori, which refers to space: the space to arrive early for an appointment, the space for an extra moment of conversation, the space for keeping your eyes open to really notice what’s around you. When you have stopped rushing around enough to do it, have you ever regretted the gifts yutori [...]

Newsletter/Blog November 18, 2015: Even if the Turkey’s Tough

November 18, 2015

Great conversations are what can make a memorable Thanksgiving. Sometimes it takes something unexpected to trigger the kind of wonderful conversations that show a new side of someone. That’s what Life Legacy Cards do. Why not try them this year? Order right now and you’ll have them in time. Here a few ideas for using them: Scatter them casually [...]