Letters of Wishes to Trustees

What is a letter of wishes?

A letter of wishes is a non-binding document written by the creator of a discretionary trust to share personal thoughts and perspectives with those who will be serving over the years as trustees.

Why write one?

When the legal description of discretionary authority is limited to broad and flexible ‘ascertainable standards’ like ‘health, maintenance, welfare and support,’ a letter of wishes provides trustees a helpful understanding of the person whose intentions he or she is responsible for carrying out.

The perspective of a trustee

“There are moments in life when it all becomes clear. The jargon melts away. The strategic plans take second stage. All the meetings become moot. In terms of my personal roles in philanthropy (as trustee and professional), what motivates me and what got me where I am today, one distinctive moment with a special person comes to mind….”

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Excerpts from a contemporary document

“It has been my great pleasure and privilege to establish the JT Dynasty Trust (subsequently referred to as the Trust). I am incredibly fortunate to be in a position to take the monetary fruits of my labors to create this Trust, a vehicle that I hope will nurture healthy family continuity and success for many generations to come…”

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