One-on-One Help

Would you really like to create something but can’t quite get to it or need some help? We offer three levels of professional assistance.

You can partner with a coach

If you’d appreciate support along the way as you write your document, partnering with an experienced coach for guidance and structure is  a valuable and cost effective arrangement.  A coach can help you clarify what you want to do, work with you to establish a timetable for completing your document, and support you through the places you might feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed. If you wish, the coach can also review what you have written and make editorial suggestions. Perhaps most importantly, a coach is a valuable partner in accountability to help you succeed in accomplishing what you want to do.

You can be taped in a conversational interview

If the act of writing is a stumbling block, create a recording instead. We make it very easy. Once we’re clear about your aims, we’ll conduct one or more guided conversations to draw forth information and stories in a comfortable fashion.  All this is preserved in audio form on CD, in written form in a typed transcript and digital file, and presented to you in a handsome portfolio.  Can be done in person or over the telephone.  Video options can also be arranged.

You can collaborate with a ghostwriter

Create a personal legacy document in close collaboration with a professional writer who’ll relieve you of the tasks of writing.  This exclusive service is a customized, creative partnership between you and the writer. A series of guided interviews are audio taped and transcribed, and a draft document drawn up for your review. Subsequent drafts incorporate all your comments and additions until you are satisfied that it is an accurate reflection of your thoughts.  Interviews can be done in person or over the telephone. Photos and other images can be incorporated into the document.  Creative options for layout, printing and binding abound.  Offered on a limited basis as capacity allows.