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Susan’s presentation was a terrific experience, and the beauty of it is that it will stay with us and our clients for years to come.

Heather Ettinger, Fairport Asset Management

Incorporating the introduction of the ethical will into client interactions is a terrific value-add and a tremendous method to further deepen the client experience and hence our relationship. Susan’s familiarity with the issues facing financial advisors make her expertise in the field invaluable and her presentations on the subject very worthwhile. Accessing her expertise on the conference calls is a simple, efficient way to tap into that experience.

Bob Fleischacker, Stonehaven Group, Markham, Ontario

Susan, my entire Forum asked me to convey our appreciation for your leadership in our recent retreat to develop an ethical will.  Everyone agreed that this was one of the most stimulating and thought provoking programs we have had and it served to open a dialogue amongst the members that was unlike anything we had experienced previously.

Les Goodman, WPO Southern New Jersey