Passing on the Wealth of Life: Its much more than money

The word “wealth” usually brings to mind tangible assets, especially in the context of estate planning designed to pass on those assets. But behind the impersonal legal documents and behind the dollars, lies a wealth of intangibles: important relationships, a multigenerational trove of stories and experiences, and a web of values, visions and hopes.  To neglect the intentional transmission of the intangibles robs future generations of their full inheritance, and when disrespected, may threaten the future financial value of the assets.

We’ll talk about the different ways intangible wealth gets transmitted between the generations, with particular attention to the venerable instrument called the ethical will, which is a written or recorded personal legacy message.  You will:

  • Hear many interesting and moving examples, from the medieval to the modern
  • Understand their place in estate, financial and legacy planning
  • Learn a process for getting started
  • Get helpful tips for creation, including ideas for countering procrastination
  • Make it real for yourself: engage in a brief, private writing exercise

Suggested as a takeaway: The Wealth of Your Life: A Step by Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will

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