Beyond the Mission Statement: Capturing the Fullness of Your Philanthropic Intent


The legal documents that establish a charitable instrument like a family foundation, trust, donor advised fund or planned gift usually do not reflect the richness of personal history, values and visions that lie behind the voluntary generosity.  Chances are, that story is pretty interesting, layered with history, values, visions and convictions. It is also a back-story that successors would really benefit from knowing, as they take over their responsibilities from the founding donor(s) and find the balance between respecting the spirit of the founders and developing their own vision for the future. In this presentation, you will:

  • Learn about the benefits of creating a non-binding expression of intent that complements legal documents
  • Hear a number of examples
  • Consider how they are different than mission and vision statements
  • Weigh what could be included
  • Helpful tips and an outline for getting started
  • Make it real for yourself: engage in a brief, private writing exercise

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Suggested as a takeaway: Across Generations: A Five Step Guide for Creating An Expression of Donor Intent

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