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Personal Legacy Advisors is a pioneer in advocating the value of non-binding personal legacy documents (ethical wills, letters of wishes for trustees, expressions of donor intent, oral histories) as a deeply meaningful component of estate and philanthropic planning.  We provide excellent products and services for individuals who wish to complete a legacy document, and for financial, estate and philanthropic advisors and institutions, superior presentations, materials and services for their clients and donors.

Ethical Will Guidebook – 3rd Edition

A 36 page four-color illustrated guidebook provides a comfortable, five step path for you, or a loved one, to create an Ethical Will.Learn More

Life Legacy Cards

An effective tool and a wonderful gift for parents and grandparents, clients, donors and friends

A boxed set of elegant, durable cards invite reflection on some of the essential elements in a person’s life.

Expression of Donor Intent Guide

Across Generations:
A Five-Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent

Everything you need to explore and express the values and vision behind your decision to establish a charitable fund, foundation or bequest.