Launch extraordinary conversations


Life Legacy Cards: Levels One and Two


Twelve cards,

infinite stories

Use Life Legacy Cards at home with family and friends or with clients or colleagues to instantly generate truly out-of-the-ordinary conversations and deeper levels of connection. Each of twelve visually beautiful cards has an uncomplicated, open-ended prompt that easily invites a response.  The Level Two cards are larger in size, with additional prompts on the back designed to facilitate an exploration of values and visions for making a difference in the lives of others.

Level One

Life Legacy Cards

  • (12) 3.25” square cards
  • Card front: inviting prompt
  • Card back: graphic pattern
  • Insert with useful ideas
  • $22.95

Level Two

Life Legacy Conversations Cards

  • (12) 8” square cards
  • Card front: inviting prompt
  • Card back: follow up questions
  • Instructional insert + 60-minute downloadable tutorial
  • $49.95

Private label the cards

Rewarding, affordable client gift

Customize the boxes of Level One Life Legacy Cards with your company logo or message. A personalized message inside the box is also an option.

Create a legacy video

Using the cards

As natural triggers for stories and reflections, the cards provide a natural structure for a legacy video. Our professional partners make it happen. View Sample Video

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