For my family


Generate great conversation, connection and communication

Strengthen the intangible wealth in your family – in your life and beyond it

75% say it’s values, stories, relationships, wisdom and clarity of communication that they most want to receive from their elders and pass on to their descendants – not financial assets alone. Use our tools and ideas to help you build and share the intangible wealth you carry in your head and your heart.

Write them a letter

The timeless ethical will

There is nothing like the intimacy of a letter to express what is most important for loved ones to know and understand, directly from you. Over the centuries, a non-binding ethical will has proven a beautiful instrument for sharing stories, values, feelings and information too valuable to be lost between generations. The Wealth of Your Life guidebook offers a five-step path for creation of one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to your loved ones and in the process, to yourself.  $19.95

Share your vision

Create an expression of donor intent

Capture the convictions, values and visions behind your decision to establish a charitable foundation, fund or bequest. The Across Generations tool guides the contemplation and creation of a written personal statement for your heirs, successors or beneficiaries. Prompting exercises and helpful examples invite you to imagine your audience, reflect on your values, consider your vision, review the rules of governance and outline and compose your expression of intent. $19.95/print; 14.95/digital download

Connect over stories, Level One

The fun of sharing life experiences

Generate deeper levels of connection across generations with Life Legacy Cards. Twelve different cards, each with a simple, single prompt invite endlesss possibilities for sharing stories and reflections, guaranteed to trigger invariably insightful conversations that will enliven any family meeting or get together. They are also great to use as a structure for interviewing or taping an elder. For ages 10-110.  $19.95

Connect over stories, Level Two

Exploring values and visions for legacy

Broaden and deepen conversations prompted by stories with Life Legacy Conversations Cards. More than double the size of the Level One cards,  this version has the same prompts on the front, but includes follow-up questions on the back to further develop and explore the story being told. Very helpful for those who’d like support in asking for a story, telling one themselves, or exploring the personal values the story, memory or reflection reveal.  $49.95

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