Questions & Answers

What is the difference between the two sets of cards?

The Life Legacy Conversations Cards (Level II) are a larger version of the Life Legacy Cards. Unlike the smaller cards, they have follow-up questions on the backside to guide a more involved conversation exploring the values and visions implicit in the story prompted by the card.  A 60-minute downloadable tutorial designed for professionals is also included.

What does telling/listening to a story do?

Our lives are made up of stories, one after the other.  When shared, stories entertain, explain, educate, teach, inspire.  They can also lead naturally to a reflection on a person’s values and vision for legacy, which is the explicit aim of the prompts provided on the Level II cards.  The downloadable tutorial that comes with the Level II Cards provides background about the process embedded in the Cards, and strategies for putting it into practice, especially in a professional setting.  Get now: List of Values and Virtues, which can be a helpful reference in any discussion of values.

Might my clients or donors be uncomfortable if I use a conversational prop in a meeting?

The most important thing is that your clients understand the purpose of the cards, and see them as a reflection of an approach that is both highly professional and highly personal. Introduce them as a mutually enjoyable tool that helps you understand their lives, values and priorities, whether it’s a new client or a long-term client whose circumstances are ever changing. 

What is covered in the 60 minute downloadable tutorial?

  • Introduction to the Life Legacy Conversations Cards, led by co-creators Susan Turnbull and Lani Peterson, PsyD
  • The purpose of the tool: To generate high yield conversations that build relationships, reveal values and inspire action
  • The 3-step process: 1) A story shared 2) Exploration of the values in the story 3) Possible future action rooted in those values
  • Strategies for introducing the tool to clients and applying the 3-step principles to any conversation 
  • Ideas for using the tool to initiate a conversation focused specifically on helping clients develop and articulate a vision for their legacy