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Help them build and pass on their intangible wealth


Provide truly complete legacy planning

Our materials, programs and services give you and your clients language and tools to consider their values, life stories, perspectives, intentions and feelings to improve the chances that succeeding generations will benefit from family wealth that has both tangible and intangible dimensions. Introduce these catalysts for connection, imagination and action to engage instantly on a deeper level, toward building a personal and family legacy of enduring intergenerational relationships and appreciation for the values and experiences of all its members.

Introduce the ethical will

The Wealth of Your Life guidebook

Usually money is not the full answer to the question, “What do you want your loved ones to receive from you?” Often, it’s love and values and peace of mind. The time-honored instrument of the ethical will, or non-binding personal legacy letter, is a beautiful vehicle for intentional and timeless communication. The Wealth of Your Life guidebook gives clients a straight-forward path for creating one as a key component of truly complete legacy plan.  $19.95

Document philanthropic intent

Across Generations guidebook

Often missing in documents establishing a charitable instrument are questions important for successors to know. What were the grantors motivations and intentions?  What core values lay behind the decision and structure? The Across Generations workbook-style tool helps clients consider and compose a non-binding expression of intent for the benefit of their heirs, successors or beneficiaries of their giving.  $19.95/print  $14.95/digital download


The Power of Their Stories, Level One

Learn about their lives

Each of the twelve Life Legacy Cards is a door to deeper client connection and better understanding their life experiences and priorities. Use them as part of your intake process, to refocus and reinvigorate established relationships, to draw out the more reticent half of a couple, or give them as client gift to use with family and friends.  $22.95


The Power of Their Stories, Level Two

Exploring values and visions for legacy

Use the Life Legacy Conversations Cards to deepen conversations with clients by using their stories as lenses to look at their values and visions for making a difference.  Best paired with the Level One Cards, this larger version has follow-up prompts on the back. Included: 60-minute downloadable tutorial with strategies for using the cards.  $49.95


Host a dynamic program

Designed to educate and inspire action 

Thank your clients or donors with an engaging and inspiring appreciation event or educational workshop led by experienced presenter Susan Turnbull. Customized to your group and your goals. Live or online. Professional staff training, conference keynotes and breakout session topics are also available.



Private label client gifts

A customized box of the Level One Life Legacy Cards makes a memorable welcome, holiday or take away gift for your clients; something they can use at home with their family and friends that reflects your respect for their life history and values.

Private label option also available for The Wealth of Your Life guidebook.

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