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Life Legacy Conversations Cards (Level Two)


A boxed set of 12 large story-prompting cards with a three-step flow of follow-up questions on the back that explore the values the stories reveal. A third section nudges a reflection on how those values might help formulate or confirm a vision for making a difference in the lives of others, in and/or outside the family.


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  • (12) 8’’ x 8” cards with images on the front identical to the Level One cards
  • The back of each card has three sets of follow-up questions designed to leverage the story being told into an opportunity to explore personal values and visions for legacy
  • In addition to an insert with instructions, purchase also includes a 60-minute downloadable tutorial providing additional tips and ideas for using a story-based approach to explore personal history, values and visions for legacy, targeted to professionals
  • Recommended: pair with a set of Level One cards, which are small and easy to sort. Use Level Two cards for facilitation. Discount when bought together.

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