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Across Generations: A Five-Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent (PRINT VERSION)


A workbook-style guide that provides a five-step structure for reflecting upon and articulating intentions behind the creation of a philanthropic instrument, for the benefit of family or institutional successors.


Also available via downloadable PDF


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  • 24 pages; spiral bound; 8.5” x 11”
  • Developed in partnership with The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI)
  • Step-by-step path, with thoughtful exercises, questions, prompts and examples
  • Room to write answers, reflections and thoughts
  • The steps: imagine your audience; identify your values; consider your vision;  review the rules of governance; bring it all together in an outline; compose your document in a medium of your choice
  • Option for private labeling the cover with a customized sticker
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  • NOTE: This guidebook has just gotten a fresh graphics upgrade, so will look different than the image of the original guidebook you see here. The text is nearly identical to the first edition.

Also available via downloadable PDF

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