The Wealth of Your Life:
A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will


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What’s new about the third edition? In the same lucid format, there are even more prompts, questions, and helpful examples, all embedded in easy to follow steps. There’s no better starting point to get thoughts and experiences down – whether the aim is to create a short ethical will, or to launch a memoir or personal¬† history.

The best tool on the market

An elegantly designed spiral bound guidebook provides an excellent introduction to the concept of an ethical will, and lays out a comfortable, five-step path for creation of a written document or recording.

Use it to:

  • Weigh a range of potential material and find your own focus
  • Identify stories,¬† threads and themes to weave into your personal legacy document
  • Develop an outline from which your document or recording can flow
  • Feel the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from creating your ethical will
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Susan’s book is magical. As soon as I show it to an alum and invite her to share her values, she relaxes and starts talking. The Wealth of Your Life is the best gift planning tool I’ve found to get people to open up about their estate plans without prying.

Katherine McKay, Assistant Director of Gift Planning, Wheaton College (MA)

Financial professionals looking to differentiate themselves in the market place should check out Susan Turnbull’s wonderful legacy planning tools. A personal legacy is just that, personal. It is the foundation of the legal estate planning process. If you want to deepen client relationships check out Susan’s revised edition of The Wealth of Your Life and LifeLegacy Cards. They provide turnkey templates you can use while helping clients prepare their personal legacy plan. High value clients expect you to provide high value and if you are not including a personal legacy plan you will be left behind.

Todd Colbeck, Business Coach

Susan Turnbull has created a powerful guide that can help anyone discover the meaning within their life. To write an Ethical Will is to embark on a journey into the heart of what makes us uniquely human.

Rev. Tim Kutzmark, Reading, MA