Tips for Creation of Your Ethical Will

Start today
If you were not here tomorrow, what is the most important thing you would not want left unsaid? Write it down – you’ve begun.

You are not trying to write for the Pulitzer Prize. What you create is a gift of yourself, made for those you love, not for an imaginary panel passing judgment on your life or your writing.

Ask yourself
What do I want to make sure my loved ones know and have in writing?

Consider the process a work in progress
Start by writing something short, and add more pieces or pages as you wish.  It’s natural that as you and your audience grow and change you might want to modify or add to what you wrote.  Don’t let the feeling that it has to be “perfect” from the beginning paralyze you. Just get started.

Be yourself
You cannot bequeath what you never owned to begin with, right?

Be careful
Be loving. The reach of your words is unknowable.

Make sure it is easy to findKeep the file accessible, so you can add to it easily. Either keep it with your legal papers or affix a note there about where to find it. You want to make sure your words find their intended audience.

Share it!
Consider sharing it during your lifetime, even as you know you may add to it or change it.  You will be well rewarded.