Across Generations:
A Five-Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent


By Susan Turnbull and Amy Zell Ellsworth

A great tool to initiate and structure conversation or to craft a written statement of intent

This 24 page workbook style guide was designed for individuals, couples or families who want to explore and express the values, vision and intentions behind the establishment of a philanthropic instrument. Developed in partnership with The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI).

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Hooray and congratulations to co-authors Susan Turnbull and Amy Zell Ellsworth. I think they have done an excellent job in creating a great and needed ‘tool’ for a donor, potential foundation creator, family leader, family member of business leader to help create a mission rationale for their family, group or business. I only wish someone had done this 25 years ago when I was struggling in this area.

John Abele, Boston Scientific

I have reviewed Across Generations and am simply delighted with it. It will help so many offer their legacies to their family members and philanthropic representatives as the years go by. This is superb work!

Jay Hughes, author of Family Wealth