Building “Trust” in Trustees: Encouraging your clients to create a letter of wishes for their trustees

It is common practice to suggest to clients that they create a non-binding letter of wishes to the trustees they have named to assume responsibility for the management and distribution of the assets held in trust. The language of most trust documents is usually impersonal and purposefully broad, yet many grantors have a vision of what they want they do, and don’t, want the trust to provide.

This presentation will introduce a protocol for creating a non-binding statement of wishes, by letter or audio/video recording, providing a place for that vision to be expressed in very personal terms, while not restricting the trustee. We’ll discuss how and when to suggest this to your clients, and review the practical considerations of how the document or recording would be created, and the degree to which you should be, or could be, involved.

Provided: two page protocol for creating a letter of wishes for trustees.

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