NEW! Life Legacy Conversations Cards for Professionals

  • 12 elegant, durable cards each measuring 8″ square and packaged in a handsome box
  • Instruction card included with directions and tips for use
  • Initial and follow-up prompts guide a naturally expansive and insightful method of gathering information and solidifying values
  • Excellent for use in a discovery process, finding focus for charitable giving, or energizing and unifying a team or an inter-generational family group
  • NOTE!¬†Available as a Package which includes a set of Life Legacy Cards and a 60 minute downloadable training: The Legacy Toolkit.¬†

Foster connection, identify values, shape future action

Facilitate highly engaging and purposeful conversations

A deluxe, augmented version of the Life Legacy Cards, larger in size and with text on the back to prompt and nurture extraordinarily productive meetings with clients, donors, colleagues and families.

What makes this tool unique? It sets up a natural 3-step conversational flow initiated with an invitation to share a simple story that with the help of the tool, is developed to reveal interesting and relevant personal history and core values to inform future action.

In their entirety, the 12 prompts touch the span of life, from childhood memories to visions of legacy, but each prompt is an avenue to rich and insightful conversations, adaptable to broadly different circumstances, purposes, ages and time constraints.

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