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What do you want your loved ones and successors to know and understand from you without question? A personal legacy letter can be the most efficient, effective and enduring way to share your thoughts. Our two workbook-style guidebooks provide pathways for inspiration and shaping your focus and language to successfully express yourself in ways both beautiful and helpful. The Wealth of Your Life is the more comprehensive of the two. Across Generations focuses more narrowly on identifying and documenting philanthropic intent.

The Wealth of Your Life:

A Step-by Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will 

For over 800 years, the non-binding ethical will has proven a beautiful instrument for sharing stories, values, feelings and important information too valuable to be lost. The Wealth of Your Life provides a natural, five-step process to ensure success in creating your letter or letters. With helpful prompts, thoughtful examples and room for notes, you’ll consider your  audience and goals, find your focus and create your outline for one of the most beautiful gifts you can give. It is never too early to create an ethical will; don’t risk being too late.


Across Generations:

A Five-Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent

Capture the convictions, values and visions that lie behind your decision to establish a charitable foundation, fund or bequest. Across Generations guides both contemplation and creation of a written personal statement for your heirs, successors or beneficiaries. Insightful questions, prompting exercises and helpful examples invite you to imagine your audience, reflect on your values, consider your vision, review the rules of governance and finally, to outline and compose your expression of intent. 

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