The Wealth of Your Life:
A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Your Ethical Will


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What’s new about the fourth edition? In the same lucid format, there are even more prompts, questions, and helpful examples, all embedded in easy to follow steps. There’s no better starting point to get thoughts and experiences down – whether the aim is to create a short ethical will, or to launch a memoir or personal  history.

The best tool on the market

An elegantly designed spiral bound guidebook provides an excellent overview of the concept of a legacy letter, and lays out a comfortable, five-step path for creation of a written document or recording.

Use it to:

  • Weigh a range of potential material and find your own focus
  • Identify stories,  threads and themes to weave into your personal legacy document
  • Develop an outline from which your document or recording can flow
  • Feel the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from creating an enduring message to those you love
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The Wealth of Your Life should be in everyone’s home. Turnbull shows us exactly what we need to pass on priceless gifts to our loved ones….our hopes, values, memories, and wishes. Wise people will not only buy the book, but they’ll consider what would help them get started on writing or recording their thoughts and feelings. So begin creating an ethical will by yourself or with a friend, family, or community group. The most important thing is to start…now!

Mary Polce-Lynch, PhD, author of Nothing Left Unsaid: Creating a Healing Legacy with Final Words and Letters

I’m not sure who enjoyed The Wealth of Your Life the most:  my father, who completed his ethical will with it, or his family, who never tire of reading what Dad and Grandpa had to say.

Attorney John A. Warnick

Turnbull’s guidebook for creating an Ethical Will is thoughtful, inspiring and practical. Those seeking a sensitive and effective vehicle to identify and communicate the heart of their values and personal story will find this book to fill the bill beautifully.

Ken Dychtwald, The Power Years: A User’s Guide to the Rest of Your Life